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Sa t'sam

Autumn is in the air

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Wed, November 07, 2018 23:35:44
A lot of things happened since I am back in Lanzarote... Some very nice things and some others...

One of the splendid things were the butterflies, they were all over the island (and still are) they come from the Sahara and travel to Europe, and weirdly enough they fly around twice. So there are...9 generations of butterflies (they live +- 2 months) doing this trip... Incredible no ?

As you know in the meanwhile ;-) we love the off-road trips... so we went on a trip to Soo, which is called the local desert of Lanzarote. We have been there quite a few times but it is always amazing and the dogs love to run in the desert. For those who know Lanzarote it is near to the famous surfer's paradise 'Famara'.

We discovered a nice goat farm

The stunning views if you travel to the end of the desert :

And once at the time, in the desert, where often you don't meet anyone, I saw a female Podenco (dogs used for hunting on the island) running to our dogs to welcome them... This was so amazing, she seemed so very glad to meet our dogs...a few minutes later a woman appeared. She lives in the mountains and welcomes the lost or abandoned Podenco's that live in the hills. This one decided to become 'her' dog, another one left her house a few weeks before, probably to join a Podenco group up in the hills. The woman told me she thought this Podenco still misses the other one, keeps searching after him and is so happy to meet other dogs as Tashi x Oscar. We were talking about the destiny of the Podenco's, we hugged and left. What a wonderful human being and what a wonderful dog! What a gift to meet them.

When we talk about Canarian Islands or Spain, we are talking about these poor hunting dogs, Podenco's or Galgo's. It is probably the only thing that I don't like here. I hate to see them in small cages without food (they need to be hungry to hunt) and dirty water, and unfortunately there is not much you can do about it. We try to help them as good as we can but mentalities need change and so far it is extremely difficult to help them. Lots of police officers are hunters as well so you understand that they don't collaborate easily even if we persist...
So please, if you are interested helping these poor dogs take a look @ the Facebook Page 'Saving the Lanzarote Podencos' and if you would like to help them, the association desperately needs money to save Podenco's, take care of them and hopefully send them to a good family.
Here a little explanation on their FB page :

At the end of our road trip there was no way back, impossible to return and so I had to pass in this kind of mini 'lake' because of the rain the day was quite exciting
;-) because we didn't really now how deep the water was. I put the car in Jeep mode and we got through it... OMG

Ok ok, let's go for a car wash because the dirt is everywhere...even on the roof...

We also had a few nice walks in 'La Geria' the famous wine road, the system is unique in the world. Let's take a look to the fabulous pictures :

One of the big volcanoes of the island behind La Geria...

And there goes Oscar...

Oscar loves the wine road ;-)

And then there is... little acrobat...

My poor little blind boy hurt himself so hard jumping of the sofa...he grabbed on the armrest, what he never does, I was thinking to myself 'oh no, no he won't jump from there' and as I got closer...yés he did...and I was too late to catch him. He fell terribly hard! He is always such a brave little guy who won't never ever complain, but this time he was so terribly in pain that we had to bring him urgently to the vet, he couldn't move his neck anymore and he had two big bruises. We nearly stayed two hours in the vet's place, they were very performant, we had a control yesterday and luckily he's getting better, till it's not over yet and still taking medecine. We will make him another nice Shiatsu treatment when we're done with the pills !

Then there was a...motorcycle...

which had to pass the motor inspection (yes they also have motorcycle control in Spain)

I tell my garage to make an appointment in the inspection center of the capital and not in the nearest one because of a bad experience last year)...what does he do? He makes the appointment in the ...wrong inspection center... My feeling didn't betray me, everything was ok except the...noise ;-) of the exhaust... Yés off course, but that is nice isn't it?? No?? Ah ok.... smiley As I was not so very happy ;-) with the result (red card) I was defending myself that in the 'other place in the capital' there never ever is a problem, the guy responding to me 'yes lady but here we have the newest machines' and yés indeed that's exactly why I DIDN'T WANT THE APPOINTMENT IN YOUR PLACE GRR...
I think at the end he had enough of it so he advised me to put some steel sponges in the exhaust... so off we went buying those things and YES, after 3 trials and a few sponges more...I've got my green card !!!! Off we go, on the road again ;-)


Ps : Christmas articles start being spread out in the shops already, there we goooo...

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