Sa t'sam

Sa t'sam

Open house @ Kruitfabriek 8 x 9 / 9

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Sat, September 08, 2018 14:39:53
The Open House in collaboration with Studio World Tree is going on...right now, while I am writing this blog...

I am such a lucky person to have Hilde x Cinthia, most wonderful persons, representing Sa t'sam.

Thanks to these girls ! and wait and see which direction our Academy will take from now on as a lot of things changed since I left Belgium...

Another Open House will be organized on the 22 th of September, (14 - 17 o clock) please do subscribe if you would like to come

Place to be :
De Kruitfabriek
Steenkaai 44 D
1800 Vilvoorde

C u there maybe ? smiley

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