Sa t'sam

Sa t'sam

Hot summer !!!

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Fri, July 06, 2018 18:50:36
Our little neighbor girl asked us to come and see her dancing spectacle, it was a wonderful experience, all those proud little girls dancing like little stars, it was very nice to be part of that experience, although it was the 'Spanish' way ;-) the music failed a few times (it was not on a USB stick neither on computer). The lady presenting the spectacle entertained the whole place in the meanwhile, the girls waiting without the music but with a smile and a lady reading Lanzarote poems which touched my soul as much as the dancing itself...

The 'entertaining' x creative lady under the 'hotspot' ;-)

And there we go again..with light ;-)

And a wonderful poem we've listened to ; written for Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote's most famous architect and protector of the island !

Cesar Manrique @ work in his house :

One of his street creations:

And in the meanwhile it's really summer time and hoooooot hoooooot weather ....
Now we are enjoying family and friends... nearly 40 degrees in the sun and UV index ...11
C you soon in Belgium dear friends !!

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