Sa t'sam

Sa t'sam

Open house @ Kruitfabriek

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Fri, July 06, 2018 18:03:18
Audrey from Studio World Tree HERSELF @ work @ her and (so also our ;-) new location

'THE KRUITFABRIEK' Steenkaai 44 D, Vilvoorde

I am sure she will make it an amazing place to be, as she is an amazing woman !

I am very glad to join her adventure !

Open house Sa t'sam International Shiatsu Academy
@ the Kruitfabriek
Steenkaai 44 D, 1800 Vilvoorde
22-9-2018 @ 14 o clock
free meditation, free Shiatsu initiation


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