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Sa t'sam

New location x Open house

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Sat, June 09, 2018 13:12:58
Dear students, dear friends,


From September 2018 we move on with Audrey's "Studio World Tree" @ the hip and artistic site 'De Kruitfabriek', Steenkaai 44D @ Vilvoorde

I am very happy to join Audrey's project because I love this site, right in between the Canal Brussels - Vilvoorde and the Zenne, so there is water on both sides which gives a very special feeling...
There are so many positive vibes, there is a wonderful garden which we can use when it's good weather, people are cultivating herbs and plants and it is a real dream for artists.

Audrey will offer us her wonderful space, nicely decorated, I am really impatient to start new Shiatsu courses over there!

We organise our OPEN HOUSE on the 22-9-2018 @ 14 o clock (till 17)
Program :
free meditation
free Shiatsu initiation
everybody welcome but please just subscribe by mail ( or sms (0475919498)

Let's make it a hell of a dayyy !! BE THERE !

Above is Audrey's space Studio World Tree and so also ours on Saturdays...

Above : Canal Brussels - Vilvoorde

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