Sa t'sam

Sa t'sam

Intensive Shiatsu course ;-)

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Mon, May 07, 2018 23:15:23

For the first time I've organized an intensive workshop completing our second cycle of Shiatsu. We were getting in shape all together ;-)

It was just wonderful... ! and we were not tired @ no no no not @ all (you believe me ??)

It's true that it was a little race against the clock but it was so very joyful and interesting. And we had lots of lovely neighbors willing to receive a Shiatsu treatment.
So we prepared us every day to give the best to all this lovely people.

And yés we started @ nine o'clock, I'm sure you won't believe me, but we did...

We gave Moxa treatment; a treatment with heated plants and we made compresses of ginger.

We learned 'Quick' Shiatsu, 'barefoot' and 'lateral' Shiatsu.

We did Kobido (facial massage) as well :

We also practiced Shiatsu on a chair ;-)
And off course an introduction to foot reflexology as well :

We also learned the Masunaga Zen stretchings and lots of other things...

We had a wonderful week, really ! We shared friendship and knowledge and were having a great time.

And the reason I choose these my student Cinthia is also a Shiatsu practitioner on horses and...dogs... So believe me, my doggie guys enjoyed her company and time ;-)

Oscar ran on the stairs to follow the Shiatsu course and as soon as the course finished he exposed himself in front of Cinthia begging her for a nice treatment...

Enjoy some pictures :

Oscar throwing himself on the ground begging Cinthia :

Tashi nearly fell asleep in her soft hands :

Not one, but two jealous guys :

And guess what ?, When she left... they were both staring @ me and it was my turn to give them a lovely Shiatsu treatment... They now are very very spoiled Shiatsu guys ;-)

Tashi prefers a soft massage table for his 10-year old bones ;-)

It was a fabulous week, really ! I enjoyed it !


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