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Sa t'sam

New retreats after the holidays

Lanzarote retreatsPosted by mona lanjri Sat, September 08, 2018 14:47:00
We are really looking forward to meet our new guests in the coming months.

As you know we still discover new spots since we have the Jeep, passing nearly everywhere on the island.

At morning it's time to have breakfast and 'ressource' ourselves in quiet places near to the ocean, mountains or volcanoes. We enjoy meditation, breathing, music...

After lunch we start visiting the most beautiful spots of the island. And off course there is always time for a swim in the meanwhile.

Hope to welcome you once, who knows ?

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Open house @ Kruitfabriek 8 x 9 / 9

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Sat, September 08, 2018 14:39:53
The Open House in collaboration with Studio World Tree is going on...right now, while I am writing this blog...

I am such a lucky person to have Hilde x Cinthia, most wonderful persons, representing Sa t'sam.

Thanks to these girls ! and wait and see which direction our Academy will take from now on as a lot of things changed since I left Belgium...

Another Open House will be organized on the 22 th of September, (14 - 17 o clock) please do subscribe if you would like to come

Place to be :
De Kruitfabriek
Steenkaai 44 D
1800 Vilvoorde

C u there maybe ? smiley

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Trip to Fuerteventura

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sun, August 05, 2018 23:00:53
Off we go...

For a long time already we wanted to visit the island of the 'fuerte ventura' or 'strong winds' and therefore a surf paradise....

I book online tickets for the ferry boat. Check.

I reserve a Bed and Breakfast. Check.

I have medicine for sea illness (me). Check.

We leave on Wednesday and come back on Thursday. Check by Joëlle : Ohhh nooo, I made a mistake: we leave on Thursday and come back on Friday. smiley Where is my bicycle ? I jump on it and run to the Ferry company in town... 'Don't worry' says the employee and she changes the ticket for free for Wednesday, 'but when will you come back then?' she asks... Euh.. let's keep Friday ? So it means 3 days instead of 2. Ok, this is God's plan no..???

Fuerteventura here we coooome ! Hop the Jeep on the boat, see you in a few days Lanzarote !

Fuerteventura has most stunning beaches. Long sandy beaches, if I remember well, there are 82 of them all over the island. It is a magical drive, at one side you can see most beautiful beaches and at the other side you believe you are in the desert. This is the protected natural parc of Corralejo.

Some different houses :

The main differences between the 2 islands are the distances between the villages and the colors of the houses. Thanks to the artist César Manrique all the houses in Lanzarote are white, white with brown wood, white with blue or white with green, but...white...
In Fuerteventura you have red houses, yellow, rose (yés), green, country houses and most modern constructions. It is a complete and sometimes strange mix of styles, but I like it. I like the originality of some houses, I like some of the colors that remind me the south of Spain. What I definitely don't like are the hotels in the south, the beaches are magnificent and give you the feeling you are in Dominican Republic. The sand is white and the water is transparent, I couldn't even describe it. It is wonderful. But the hotels over there and all the people running in the streets, no thanks, not for me ;-)

Fuerteventura is much bigger than Lanzarote, they have some kind of 'highways' between the villages because the distances are different. Lanzarote is much smaller, but at the other hand it feels somewhere more 'cosy' for me. My soul a little bit as I was in Morocco (it is not far off course but neither is Lanzarote, the african feeling was more present for me in Fuerteventura).

Betancuria is a wonderful place to be, and the road in the mountains is awesome. If you are car sick (as I am ;-() don't forget to take medicine, which I off course did smiley

Which road in the mountains? This road... ;-)

Some decoration ;-)

And to finish a lovely little fish...

Will be soon back in Belgium, have a lovely evening !

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Hot summer !!!

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Fri, July 06, 2018 18:50:36
Our little neighbor girl asked us to come and see her dancing spectacle, it was a wonderful experience, all those proud little girls dancing like little stars, it was very nice to be part of that experience, although it was the 'Spanish' way ;-) the music failed a few times (it was not on a USB stick neither on computer). The lady presenting the spectacle entertained the whole place in the meanwhile, the girls waiting without the music but with a smile and a lady reading Lanzarote poems which touched my soul as much as the dancing itself...

The 'entertaining' x creative lady under the 'hotspot' ;-)

And there we go again..with light ;-)

And a wonderful poem we've listened to ; written for Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote's most famous architect and protector of the island !

Cesar Manrique @ work in his house :

One of his street creations:

And in the meanwhile it's really summer time and hoooooot hoooooot weather ....
Now we are enjoying family and friends... nearly 40 degrees in the sun and UV index ...11
C you soon in Belgium dear friends !!

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Open house @ Kruitfabriek

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Fri, July 06, 2018 18:03:18
Audrey from Studio World Tree HERSELF @ work @ her and (so also our ;-) new location

'THE KRUITFABRIEK' Steenkaai 44 D, Vilvoorde

I am sure she will make it an amazing place to be, as she is an amazing woman !

I am very glad to join her adventure !

Open house Sa t'sam International Shiatsu Academy
@ the Kruitfabriek
Steenkaai 44 D, 1800 Vilvoorde
22-9-2018 @ 14 o clock
free meditation, free Shiatsu initiation


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Summer is in the air...

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sat, June 09, 2018 14:03:35
Hello friends,

Yesss it took quite a long time before we had a real summer feeling (although yes off course it was still very nice weather compared to lots of other countries I know, I know).

When I came back from Belgium we had quite a few things to do, as well administration as cleaning our renting apartment, as helping some friends as lots of other stuff...

Although we planned some stunning visits, please check the images below:

This is a tradition in the Canarian Islands, it is called 'Alfombras de Sal' (Salt Carpets), they are made to celebrate 'Corpus Christi'. They are all made near to the churches and everyone can help, there are lots of salt in different colors and everyone can help a hand...

Original clothing for Corpus Christi day :

And the 'Communion' from the children, they walk (also on the salt carpets) with the Priest around the village and it's celebrated by musicians :

We went for a stunning walk to find the 'Lanzarote's Secret Garden', I suppose you can imagine why it's called that way. It is honestly a nice but difficult walk, which took us for over 4 hours, but what we found was so amazing that we didn't regret a single moment, take a look :

We started here :

When we thought we'd found it...we didn't...some nice boys in a Jeep told us : 'you like hiking?' well 'look it is behind the mountain'... So we stand (photo under), where I took the picture... @ that single moment we thought 'Ooooo my Gooooooddd do we really have to get over that beach and mountain again??'... but as we were brave ;-) we continued...

Do you see the sign ? And yes, we walk and walk and walk...hehe...

Yeeesss, finally we see the Secret Garden @ the end of the (very very stunning) beach ! Yet we are not arrived ;-) now go down the hill and discover...

C y soon !

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New location x Open house

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Sat, June 09, 2018 13:12:58
Dear students, dear friends,


From September 2018 we move on with Audrey's "Studio World Tree" @ the hip and artistic site 'De Kruitfabriek', Steenkaai 44D @ Vilvoorde

I am very happy to join Audrey's project because I love this site, right in between the Canal Brussels - Vilvoorde and the Zenne, so there is water on both sides which gives a very special feeling...
There are so many positive vibes, there is a wonderful garden which we can use when it's good weather, people are cultivating herbs and plants and it is a real dream for artists.

Audrey will offer us her wonderful space, nicely decorated, I am really impatient to start new Shiatsu courses over there!

We organise our OPEN HOUSE on the 22-9-2018 @ 14 o clock (till 17)
Program :
free meditation
free Shiatsu initiation
everybody welcome but please just subscribe by mail ( or sms (0475919498)

Let's make it a hell of a dayyy !! BE THERE !

Above is Audrey's space Studio World Tree and so also ours on Saturdays...

Above : Canal Brussels - Vilvoorde

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Intensive Shiatsu course ;-)

International Shiatsu AcademyPosted by mona lanjri Mon, May 07, 2018 23:15:23

For the first time I've organized an intensive workshop completing our second cycle of Shiatsu. We were getting in shape all together ;-)

It was just wonderful... ! and we were not tired @ no no no not @ all (you believe me ??)

It's true that it was a little race against the clock but it was so very joyful and interesting. And we had lots of lovely neighbors willing to receive a Shiatsu treatment.
So we prepared us every day to give the best to all this lovely people.

And yés we started @ nine o'clock, I'm sure you won't believe me, but we did...

We gave Moxa treatment; a treatment with heated plants and we made compresses of ginger.

We learned 'Quick' Shiatsu, 'barefoot' and 'lateral' Shiatsu.

We did Kobido (facial massage) as well :

We also practiced Shiatsu on a chair ;-)
And off course an introduction to foot reflexology as well :

We also learned the Masunaga Zen stretchings and lots of other things...

We had a wonderful week, really ! We shared friendship and knowledge and were having a great time.

And the reason I choose these my student Cinthia is also a Shiatsu practitioner on horses and...dogs... So believe me, my doggie guys enjoyed her company and time ;-)

Oscar ran on the stairs to follow the Shiatsu course and as soon as the course finished he exposed himself in front of Cinthia begging her for a nice treatment...

Enjoy some pictures :

Oscar throwing himself on the ground begging Cinthia :

Tashi nearly fell asleep in her soft hands :

Not one, but two jealous guys :

And guess what ?, When she left... they were both staring @ me and it was my turn to give them a lovely Shiatsu treatment... They now are very very spoiled Shiatsu guys ;-)

Tashi prefers a soft massage table for his 10-year old bones ;-)

It was a fabulous week, really ! I enjoyed it !


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