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March in LanzaroteLife in Lanzarote

Posted by mona lanjri Sun, April 14, 2019 21:18:34

Carnival once again, a lot of 'fiesta' happy kids, happy parents, and a busy month full of events in our little town...

Beside this we were invited to visit the most famous farm of the island, the private farm from the very pretty 5+ star hotel Princesa Yaiza.
The farm is known to be the most ecologic and animal friendly... Look at this cutie...

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this strawberries were soooo tasteful njammmm...

Blog imageBlog image
And the Princesa Yaiza hotel wouldn't be the Princesa Yaiza if they didn't offer a wonderful degustation... we've tasted several cheeses with fruit or special jam, it was a very nice and tasteful experience...

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and then there was the 'feria of goat cheese' and look where we were...? yes yes yes ...we couldn't get enough of the culinary experience of this wonderful hotel ;-)

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and off course we continue driving around the island x enjoy the most stunning places...

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as you know I try to help a little organization that helps abandoned or mistreated dogs, known as 'the kennel klub' or 'saving the lanzarote podenco's'... we gathered 300€ thanks to a lot of kind people, we went to hand over the money and I fell in love with a beautiful little american staff...what a nice and kind doggie... I already have two lovely dogs, I can swear you, if not, the staff would have found a home... it broke my heart leaving her there but I pray for her getting a nice house and a wonderful family...

the entrance of the kennel klub

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my cutie I promise you to come and see you regularly for a nice walk in the mountains !

Blog image
if you feel for helping this association please contact me... we are praying that every dog gets a nice house and a lovely family...

see you soon in Belgium xxx

Art goes on and on...S'art'sam

Posted by mona lanjri Sun, April 14, 2019 20:48:36

Some new stuff...

I now search for a nice piece of wood to put the music on ;-)

Blog image
as we are near to the ocean I think it's a nice idea to show a whale ;-)

Blog image
i know ...cats are not new, but some want them different, some want them bigger, this one is middle-sized and waiting for his new owner ...

Blog image
new friends in the garden, the lizards are a little jealous ;-)

Blog image

the rusting process takes time... twin cats for my neighbors Monika x Hans

Blog image

Sophie's sun and moon, in fact it's ready but I expose it to the sun, so it will still change a little...
Blog image

A mom asked me for a Snoopy, I made this today, soon I will cut the metal, and then we are waiting for the rusting process again... Snoopy was one of my favorites being a teenager, nice to make it !

Blog imageone of the new projects will be the famous Canarian hunting dog named 'Podenco', I will offer some to the Kennel Klub, a little organization that takes care of abandoned or mistreated dogs, they regularly organise sale events so I hope they can sell some.. but first I'll have to draw, cut, rust... to be followed


Some new creations...S'art'sam

Posted by mona lanjri Sun, March 10, 2019 10:59:25

I hope you'll enjoy them... I am still preparing for the artisanal markets on the islands, things go slowly but I am confident ,-) mañana por la mañana ;-)))

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageC u soon !! smiley

A Lanzarote weekLife in Lanzarote

Posted by mona lanjri Sun, March 10, 2019 10:27:10

When I came home from Belgium I considered 'resting' a bit in the lovely sun. But Life had obviously other plans for me.

First day I came home a lady called me, 'please, we need your help, me and my young boy got involved in a car accident, we went to the hospital, there is nothing wrong but we want craneo sacral therapy, we need it, and please as quick as you can, we were really frightened...' Off course I understood and made an appointment for them. When they arrived I didn't see this little boy talking about, but looking at her belly...she was pregnant... She was a very nice italian girl speaking Spanish as good as she could and I am a Belgian girl understanding Spanish as good as I can...;-) so they were 2 indeed but...

The day after I was taking breakfast in my pyjama and the bell rings, Oh I said the postman is there, Joëlle replied 'I think your appointment tomorrow morning mistaked'... noooooo I replied....guess who was right??? ;-) The lady coming in, her husband left already, I said to her that I was so sorry her appointment was the day after ... but no husband I've treated her after hurrying in the shower... Second day in Belgium...

Third day in Belgium....
Thomas Cook calls me... 'could you please translate for a Belgian client' please?
They are nice people but a little weird'...
There we go, we'll meet at the police station...
A couple coming out of the cab stares at me, I call their name, yés it's them...
I asked 'what happened to you?' oooh she already explained to Thomas Cook, great but i would like to hear your explanation before going to the police...
She lost her wallet in the Taxi a few days ago...ok, let's go and explain...
The lady @ the police station asks her if she -perhaps- have a ticket from the taxi on Tuesday, she says 'yés' to me and gives me the ticket. We call the Taxi department and...they say there was no such taxi driving that day... euhhhhhhhh ??? i look at the lady and I explain that to her.. she replies 'no it's the today's ticket, but they are all the same, no...?????!!!!'
and guess what? she had the ticket...but in her we go...

So dear friends that was the start of my rest and lots of work... BUT I LOOOVE LANZAROTE, so thank you Life, all is ok ! ;-)))

Further on we had some great excursions, we met the dolphins again, nice people, nice villages, I continue the art work and am very happy !

Blog image
Blog image
Blog image
Blog image
Our little garden lizard , he loves our blue carpet ;-))))

Blog image
the result of a Ping-Pong match with my friend (and kind of my little brother) Nicolas (without shoes)... ,-)

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Blog image
Blog image
Blog image
See you soon in Belgium dear friends ! smiley

Preparing for the artisanal market in TeguiseS'art'sam

Posted by mona lanjri Sat, February 02, 2019 01:32:11

Dear friends,

as you know I've started this nice, new Art project, and it goes on and on which makes me very very happy ! recently I had several orders and it makes me joyful and glad !

there is one hell of an artisanal market, called the market of Teguise, on Sunday morning, I am preparing to get a place there but as you know administration here is not the most easy thing to go through, there are loads of papers to collect in my hometown first and only if I have everything and show my project I can ask an agreement at the townhall of Teguise which will take another 2 or 3 months. At the end they will give me a place for 6 months to start. So it could take quite a lot of time, but I don't lose faith ;-)

Some Teguise pictures :

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image
And some of my new work, which I suppose some of you already saw on my FB page, but for the ones who didn't, I invite you to take a look and hope you'll enjoy...

If you feel for it, please follow my FB page :

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Blog imageHave a nice day and see you soon in Belgium ! smiley

Rainy Lanzarote...Life in Lanzarote

Posted by mona lanjri Sat, February 02, 2019 01:07:12

Dear friends,

Nooooo off course I wouldn't dare to complain because I know that you guys are having snow right now, but nevertheless I wil complain a little bit ;-) ok?

We off course have a very nice climate and if you take a look at the temperatures it is nice, often over 20 degrees but we had several rain showers since I am back on the island. You will off course tell me that it's not a big thing, and you are absolutely right butttt... as we all live outside most of the time, don't have heaters, neither do pubs or restaurants, it feels rather weird. No Jeep drive because you don't want to get stuck in the mud, no outside restaurant because you can have some nice shower on your head, no bicycling because you don't even have bought a raincoat... Off course, dear friends, I exaggerate, it is a wonderful island with most wonderful views, even exceptional when it rains or rained, take a look...

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image
I have one favorite restaurant here in Playa Blanca, perfect price-quality, and they've put the heaters on the terrace, I was so glad that I was sitting beside one of those big things, gently asking the waiter to put it on and guess what ?? he told me 'ooooh these things don't work, the boss put it over here to attract people'.... yeah right.... smileysmiley

Art x PassionS'art'sam

Posted by mona lanjri Sat, January 05, 2019 17:15:44

Blog image
That's it...
As you know I like art, I like to dream, to invent, to create...
It took quite a long time before I started... No no no that's wrong what I say, in fact I've started for many many years ago, but I never ever finished my projects... This time it's different... Life really showed me the way... I felt it in the depth of my soul... I shall listen (OMG ;-)... I shall create... so I do...
And I am so very enthusiastic and sooo glad, I received my statute as an 'artisano' of the island.

Blog image
In a few weeks I will probably start selling on the local markets and most of my work are orders from persons living on the island... You can imagine I am over the moon !!

The combination of my health practice and this project is just fabulous, I really am very very happy !!!

A few creations :

Rusted cat...Blog imageLittle black cat...Blog imageBig black cat...Blog imageRusted owl...Blog imageJewelry...
Blog imageWalking rusted lizard...Blog imageTimanfaya, National's Park, protective symbol...
Blog imageRusting and resting... ;-)Blog imageTimanfaya's symbol in steel...
Blog imageLizard on the road...Blog imageTree of Life...Blog imageReproduction of one of the paintings of island's most famous artist César Manrique...Blog imageNow I go and work on a giant dolphin to put aside a lovely swimming pool...

C u soon dear friends, coming to Belgium the 17th of January smiley

Happy New YearLife in Lanzarote

Posted by mona lanjri Sat, January 05, 2019 16:29:59

And so this is Christmas lalalalaaaaa...AND A VERY VERY HAPPY 2019 TO ALL OF YOU !!!

Blog image
Playa Blanca is decorated...Playa Blanca is stunning... I love Playa Blanca and Christmas. It is such a special atmosphere that even if you don't like Christmas...(I didn't before)...I think you will.

And Christmas and New Year means...friends...and friends, and friends, and ...dinner...ooooohhh soooo much I have to swim (in a little too cold ocean) to burn the calories...;-))))

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image
And if there's no party, there is French cheese ;-) our friends offered us ...

Blog imageBlog imageBlog image
But off course there are so many walks to do, so off we went, take the Jeep or the motorcycle, drive somewhere and walk for hours enjoying all the beautiful landscapes...

Blog imageBlog image
mmm this is gliding a bit like snow... ;-) funny anyway...

Blog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog imageBlog image
Wauwww this is amazing...!

Blog image
Do you remember the 'Belen'? Lanzarote's Christmas tradition, a remake of the island on little scale...

The Ayuntamiento (town hall) constructing the famous Belen..

Blog imageBlog image

The result :
Blog imageBlog imageBlog image
Our boys wishing you a very happy New Year! Tashi had an operation again ;-( we were very worried about him, but he is ok now...I am sure I am the Veterinary's best client with this little boy...let's cross the fingers he'll be ok for 2019....

Blog image
Ok, I'll put the Christmas clothes on and what do I get now???

Blog image

We also wish you all the best for 2019 !

Blog imageBlog imagesmileysmiley