Sa t'sam

Sa t'sam

A Lanzarote week

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sun, March 10, 2019 10:27:10
When I came home from Belgium I considered 'resting' a bit in the lovely sun. But Life had obviously other plans for me.

First day I came home a lady called me, 'please, we need your help, me and my young boy got involved in a car accident, we went to the hospital, there is nothing wrong but we want craneo sacral therapy, we need it, and please as quick as you can, we were really frightened...' Off course I understood and made an appointment for them. When they arrived I didn't see this little boy talking about, but looking at her belly...she was pregnant... She was a very nice italian girl speaking Spanish as good as she could and I am a Belgian girl understanding Spanish as good as I can...;-) so they were 2 indeed but...

The day after I was taking breakfast in my pyjama and the bell rings, Oh I said the postman is there, Joëlle replied 'I think your appointment tomorrow morning mistaked'... noooooo I replied....guess who was right??? ;-) The lady coming in, her husband left already, I said to her that I was so sorry her appointment was the day after ... but no husband I've treated her after hurrying in the shower... Second day in Belgium...

Third day in Belgium....
Thomas Cook calls me... 'could you please translate for a Belgian client' please?
They are nice people but a little weird'...
There we go, we'll meet at the police station...
A couple coming out of the cab stares at me, I call their name, yés it's them...
I asked 'what happened to you?' oooh she already explained to Thomas Cook, great but i would like to hear your explanation before going to the police...
She lost her wallet in the Taxi a few days ago...ok, let's go and explain...
The lady @ the police station asks her if she -perhaps- have a ticket from the taxi on Tuesday, she says 'yés' to me and gives me the ticket. We call the Taxi department and...they say there was no such taxi driving that day... euhhhhhhhh ??? i look at the lady and I explain that to her.. she replies 'no it's the today's ticket, but they are all the same, no...?????!!!!'
and guess what? she had the ticket...but in her we go...

So dear friends that was the start of my rest and lots of work... BUT I LOOOVE LANZAROTE, so thank you Life, all is ok ! ;-)))

Further on we had some great excursions, we met the dolphins again, nice people, nice villages, I continue the art work and am very happy !

Our little garden lizard , he loves our blue carpet ;-))))

the result of a Ping-Pong match with my friend (and kind of my little brother) Nicolas (without shoes)... ,-)

See you soon in Belgium dear friends ! smiley

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Rainy Lanzarote...

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sat, February 02, 2019 01:07:12
Dear friends,

Nooooo off course I wouldn't dare to complain because I know that you guys are having snow right now, but nevertheless I wil complain a little bit ;-) ok?

We off course have a very nice climate and if you take a look at the temperatures it is nice, often over 20 degrees but we had several rain showers since I am back on the island. You will off course tell me that it's not a big thing, and you are absolutely right butttt... as we all live outside most of the time, don't have heaters, neither do pubs or restaurants, it feels rather weird. No Jeep drive because you don't want to get stuck in the mud, no outside restaurant because you can have some nice shower on your head, no bicycling because you don't even have bought a raincoat... Off course, dear friends, I exaggerate, it is a wonderful island with most wonderful views, even exceptional when it rains or rained, take a look...

I have one favorite restaurant here in Playa Blanca, perfect price-quality, and they've put the heaters on the terrace, I was so glad that I was sitting beside one of those big things, gently asking the waiter to put it on and guess what ?? he told me 'ooooh these things don't work, the boss put it over here to attract people'.... yeah right.... smileysmiley

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Happy New Year

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sat, January 05, 2019 16:29:59
And so this is Christmas lalalalaaaaa...AND A VERY VERY HAPPY 2019 TO ALL OF YOU !!!

Playa Blanca is decorated...Playa Blanca is stunning... I love Playa Blanca and Christmas. It is such a special atmosphere that even if you don't like Christmas...(I didn't before)...I think you will.

And Christmas and New Year means...friends...and friends, and friends, and ...dinner...ooooohhh soooo much I have to swim (in a little too cold ocean) to burn the calories...;-))))

And if there's no party, there is French cheese ;-) our friends offered us ...

But off course there are so many walks to do, so off we went, take the Jeep or the motorcycle, drive somewhere and walk for hours enjoying all the beautiful landscapes...

mmm this is gliding a bit like snow... ;-) funny anyway...

Wauwww this is amazing...!

Do you remember the 'Belen'? Lanzarote's Christmas tradition, a remake of the island on little scale...

The Ayuntamiento (town hall) constructing the famous Belen..

The result :

Our boys wishing you a very happy New Year! Tashi had an operation again ;-( we were very worried about him, but he is ok now...I am sure I am the Veterinary's best client with this little boy...let's cross the fingers he'll be ok for 2019....

Ok, I'll put the Christmas clothes on and what do I get now???

We also wish you all the best for 2019 !


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Ho ho hooooo....

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Fri, December 07, 2018 01:51:23
Lanzarote is preparing for.... Christmas... yés...already for some...days? noooo... some...weeks

White, blue, green and red (OMG) lights are on everywhere, it is funny because of the good weather you don't really think about Christmas, neither decoration @ 25 degrees in the shadow ;-) but they do...

So even before the Holy man Saint Nicholas put his feet on the warm island, Santa Claus already decorated it ...

And the 'today inauguration' of the Christmas tree in one of the most famous and luxury hotels of Playa Blanca the 'Princesa Yaiza' Resort :

We also had a great event in Teguise, one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Lanzarote, it was about drinks, food and workshops. We went with friends and enjoyed it a lot ! The best cooks were represented as well as the typical Lanzarote wines...njammie...

The future generation...

And an action against violence on woman...

And off course we had some wonderful walks around the island, with some stunning views...enjoy...

C u next week and if we don't meet next week then please enjoy x-mas in your homes, family and heart, love all of you !!!

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Autumn is in the air

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Wed, November 07, 2018 23:35:44
A lot of things happened since I am back in Lanzarote... Some very nice things and some others...

One of the splendid things were the butterflies, they were all over the island (and still are) they come from the Sahara and travel to Europe, and weirdly enough they fly around twice. So there are...9 generations of butterflies (they live +- 2 months) doing this trip... Incredible no ?

As you know in the meanwhile ;-) we love the off-road trips... so we went on a trip to Soo, which is called the local desert of Lanzarote. We have been there quite a few times but it is always amazing and the dogs love to run in the desert. For those who know Lanzarote it is near to the famous surfer's paradise 'Famara'.

We discovered a nice goat farm

The stunning views if you travel to the end of the desert :

And once at the time, in the desert, where often you don't meet anyone, I saw a female Podenco (dogs used for hunting on the island) running to our dogs to welcome them... This was so amazing, she seemed so very glad to meet our dogs...a few minutes later a woman appeared. She lives in the mountains and welcomes the lost or abandoned Podenco's that live in the hills. This one decided to become 'her' dog, another one left her house a few weeks before, probably to join a Podenco group up in the hills. The woman told me she thought this Podenco still misses the other one, keeps searching after him and is so happy to meet other dogs as Tashi x Oscar. We were talking about the destiny of the Podenco's, we hugged and left. What a wonderful human being and what a wonderful dog! What a gift to meet them.

When we talk about Canarian Islands or Spain, we are talking about these poor hunting dogs, Podenco's or Galgo's. It is probably the only thing that I don't like here. I hate to see them in small cages without food (they need to be hungry to hunt) and dirty water, and unfortunately there is not much you can do about it. We try to help them as good as we can but mentalities need change and so far it is extremely difficult to help them. Lots of police officers are hunters as well so you understand that they don't collaborate easily even if we persist...
So please, if you are interested helping these poor dogs take a look @ the Facebook Page 'Saving the Lanzarote Podencos' and if you would like to help them, the association desperately needs money to save Podenco's, take care of them and hopefully send them to a good family.
Here a little explanation on their FB page :

At the end of our road trip there was no way back, impossible to return and so I had to pass in this kind of mini 'lake' because of the rain the day was quite exciting
;-) because we didn't really now how deep the water was. I put the car in Jeep mode and we got through it... OMG

Ok ok, let's go for a car wash because the dirt is everywhere...even on the roof...

We also had a few nice walks in 'La Geria' the famous wine road, the system is unique in the world. Let's take a look to the fabulous pictures :

One of the big volcanoes of the island behind La Geria...

And there goes Oscar...

Oscar loves the wine road ;-)

And then there is... little acrobat...

My poor little blind boy hurt himself so hard jumping of the sofa...he grabbed on the armrest, what he never does, I was thinking to myself 'oh no, no he won't jump from there' and as I got closer...yés he did...and I was too late to catch him. He fell terribly hard! He is always such a brave little guy who won't never ever complain, but this time he was so terribly in pain that we had to bring him urgently to the vet, he couldn't move his neck anymore and he had two big bruises. We nearly stayed two hours in the vet's place, they were very performant, we had a control yesterday and luckily he's getting better, till it's not over yet and still taking medecine. We will make him another nice Shiatsu treatment when we're done with the pills !

Then there was a...motorcycle...

which had to pass the motor inspection (yes they also have motorcycle control in Spain)

I tell my garage to make an appointment in the inspection center of the capital and not in the nearest one because of a bad experience last year)...what does he do? He makes the appointment in the ...wrong inspection center... My feeling didn't betray me, everything was ok except the...noise ;-) of the exhaust... Yés off course, but that is nice isn't it?? No?? Ah ok.... smiley As I was not so very happy ;-) with the result (red card) I was defending myself that in the 'other place in the capital' there never ever is a problem, the guy responding to me 'yes lady but here we have the newest machines' and yés indeed that's exactly why I DIDN'T WANT THE APPOINTMENT IN YOUR PLACE GRR...
I think at the end he had enough of it so he advised me to put some steel sponges in the exhaust... so off we went buying those things and YES, after 3 trials and a few sponges more...I've got my green card !!!! Off we go, on the road again ;-)


Ps : Christmas articles start being spread out in the shops already, there we goooo...

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Arrecife, capital of Lanzarote

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sat, September 08, 2018 16:25:57
Arrecife is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city full of culture and history. The name derives from the Spanish for reef and refers to the volcanic rock formations that lie out to the sea and protect the harbour.

Arrecife was a small fishing village in the 15th century until it grew and became the capital in 1852. Today it's well known for shopping with lots of streets and boutiques.

Arrecife has also its own beach, Playa del Reducto, with golden sand and beautiful water.
Lanzarote's most famous artist, Manrique, landscaped most of the island, except Arrecife which developed before his time. So it's the only place where you will find high buildings...

Although it's nice to visit Arrecife and feel the energy of a city (so different from our calm Playa Blanca ;-)


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Trip to Fuerteventura

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Sun, August 05, 2018 23:00:53
Off we go...

For a long time already we wanted to visit the island of the 'fuerte ventura' or 'strong winds' and therefore a surf paradise....

I book online tickets for the ferry boat. Check.

I reserve a Bed and Breakfast. Check.

I have medicine for sea illness (me). Check.

We leave on Wednesday and come back on Thursday. Check by Joëlle : Ohhh nooo, I made a mistake: we leave on Thursday and come back on Friday. smiley Where is my bicycle ? I jump on it and run to the Ferry company in town... 'Don't worry' says the employee and she changes the ticket for free for Wednesday, 'but when will you come back then?' she asks... Euh.. let's keep Friday ? So it means 3 days instead of 2. Ok, this is God's plan no..???

Fuerteventura here we coooome ! Hop the Jeep on the boat, see you in a few days Lanzarote !

Fuerteventura has most stunning beaches. Long sandy beaches, if I remember well, there are 82 of them all over the island. It is a magical drive, at one side you can see most beautiful beaches and at the other side you believe you are in the desert. This is the protected natural parc of Corralejo.

Some different houses :

The main differences between the 2 islands are the distances between the villages and the colors of the houses. Thanks to the artist César Manrique all the houses in Lanzarote are white, white with brown wood, white with blue or white with green, but...white...
In Fuerteventura you have red houses, yellow, rose (yés), green, country houses and most modern constructions. It is a complete and sometimes strange mix of styles, but I like it. I like the originality of some houses, I like some of the colors that remind me the south of Spain. What I definitely don't like are the hotels in the south, the beaches are magnificent and give you the feeling you are in Dominican Republic. The sand is white and the water is transparent, I couldn't even describe it. It is wonderful. But the hotels over there and all the people running in the streets, no thanks, not for me ;-)

Fuerteventura is much bigger than Lanzarote, they have some kind of 'highways' between the villages because the distances are different. Lanzarote is much smaller, but at the other hand it feels somewhere more 'cosy' for me. My soul a little bit as I was in Morocco (it is not far off course but neither is Lanzarote, the african feeling was more present for me in Fuerteventura).

Betancuria is a wonderful place to be, and the road in the mountains is awesome. If you are car sick (as I am ;-() don't forget to take medicine, which I off course did smiley

Which road in the mountains? This road... ;-)

Some decoration ;-)

And to finish a lovely little fish...

Will be soon back in Belgium, have a lovely evening !

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Hot summer !!!

Life in LanzarotePosted by mona lanjri Fri, July 06, 2018 18:50:36
Our little neighbor girl asked us to come and see her dancing spectacle, it was a wonderful experience, all those proud little girls dancing like little stars, it was very nice to be part of that experience, although it was the 'Spanish' way ;-) the music failed a few times (it was not on a USB stick neither on computer). The lady presenting the spectacle entertained the whole place in the meanwhile, the girls waiting without the music but with a smile and a lady reading Lanzarote poems which touched my soul as much as the dancing itself...

The 'entertaining' x creative lady under the 'hotspot' ;-)

And there we go again..with light ;-)

And a wonderful poem we've listened to ; written for Cesar Manrique, Lanzarote's most famous architect and protector of the island !

Cesar Manrique @ work in his house :

One of his street creations:

And in the meanwhile it's really summer time and hoooooot hoooooot weather ....
Now we are enjoying family and friends... nearly 40 degrees in the sun and UV index ...11
C you soon in Belgium dear friends !!

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